DESICON is an aspiring indigenous Nigerian Company willing to play a significant role in the market place and in the economic development and welfare of its employees and external consultants and of the communities where it is present.

The conditions of operational area or the locations where DESICON operates or executes its works are very complex and there is a need to take into consideration the interest of the company’s stakeholders and all people or entities who carries out work for or on behalf of DESICON.

Hence, this Code explains DESICON’s policies for how we conduct business.

Each of us — Employees, officers, members of the Board of Directors alike, suppliers, and contractors must commit to understanding this Code and abiding by its principles.

One of most valuable assets of DESICON is integrity. Protecting this asset is the job of everyone associated with the Company. To that end, DESICON has established this Code of Conduct to help all of us, including the Board, comply with the law and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. The code does not cover every issues that may arise, but sets out basic principle and methodology to help guiding all of us in the attainment of this common goal.

I encourage you to read, understand and, most important, to conduct your actions in keeping with our Code of Conduct and Business ethics. If you are in a situation that you believe may violate or lead to a violation of this code, follow the procedures described in this code.

Our reputation is integral to our success, and reputation comes from our actions on a continuous basis. Your performance in conducting our business in a manner that is consistent with the principle contained in the code will enable us to keep and enhance that reputation.