Ebocha Flaring Down Project


Nigerian Agip Oil Company

Project Scope

Onshore Construction of Ebocha Oil Centre.
The scope of work included Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Gas Compression Island and connecting facilities to eliminate gas flaring.

DESICON’s Scope:

Electrical and Instrumentation construction and commissioning of the following works:

Electrical Power Systems, Cables, Steel Structures, Lighting Systems, Cathodic Protection Systems, Conduits, Earthing Systems, Power Transformers, Switchboards and Terminal Blocks, UPS, Electrical Related Civil Works and other Miscellaneous activities.
Pressure, Differential pressure, Flow, Level and Temperature Instruments
Fire & Gas Detection System
Pneumatic Feed Networks and Junction Boxes,
Cabinet and Frame Works, Instrument Panels, Prefabricated Analyser Houses
Battery Banks
Signal Tubing (Secondary) and Process Pipework (PRIMARY)
Installation of Orifice Plates
Installation of cables for instrument assembly equipment
Installation of Steel Components (Cable Tray, Supports Etc)
Calibration of Safety and Self-Regulating Valves
Man hours Expended: 240,000HRS

Execution Period

From 2009 To 2010